Aux herbes hautes
Our benefits

Our schedules

Check-in : From 5 pm until 8 pm
possibility to deposit baggages before 17, but only on rdv

Check-out : Until 11 am


We accept payment on line, credit/debit card, cheque or cash.


Can be served from 7h30 am to 10h00 am (other hours CAN be scheduled on request)


A meal tray formula, comprised mostly of ferm products (charcuterie, cheese..) is suggested to you.

Tariff : 20€ each (only available by reservation on advance)


NO SMOKING inside the farm.


Book a room

By booking your stay via our site, or by contacting us by telephone, you are guaranteed the best Tariff. Consult them without delay.

Epi de blé

36 m2 room duplex, convertible sofa for 2 people, view on the equestrian center, italian shower and bathtub

Tariffs :

  • 1 people :
        from 90€ on week,
        95€ on week end
    2 people :
        from 100€ on week,
        105€ on week end
    3-4 people :
        from 140 on week,
        145€ on week end
  • -5% from the 4th night on
  • -15% rom the 20th night on


36 m2 room, ground floor, convertible sofa for 2 people, private terrace, garden view, italian shower

Tariffs :

  • 1 people :
        from 90€ on week,
        95€ on week end
    2 people :
        from 100€ on week,
        105€ on week end
    3-4 people :
        from 140 on week,
        145€ on week end
  • -5% from the 4th night on
  • -15% rom the 20th night on

Suite Bouton d'Or

47 m2 suite, 1st floor, triple exposition, private balcony and terrace, view over the garden and equestrian center, SPA, sauna, italian shower.

Tariffs :

  • 2 people : from 230 € / night
  • (110€ / nigth without SPA)

Fleur de lin

30 m2 room, 1st floor, private terrace, 2 twin beds, italian shower

Tariffs :

  • 1 people : from 80€ / night
    2 people : from 90 € / night
  • -5% from the 4th night on
  • -15% rom the 20th night on


30 m2 room, 1st floor, italian shower and bath

Tariffs :

  • 1 people : from 80€ / night
    2 people : from 90 € / night
  • -5% from the 4th night on
  • -15% rom the 20th night on


These tariffs include taxes and breakfast for 2 people.

For the day of your arrival or a little hunger, we can get you a meal tray.

Special offers

Business night 

  • double room night
  • meal tray
  • Ranging from 105 to 125€ for one person

For your trips needing regular stays of one night or more, we can propose you a formula adapted to your needs.

General terms of business

Aux Herbes Hautes : SASU au capital de 5000€
SIREN :831400601 - n° de TVA : FR75831400601

The reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the price of the stay with a minimum of one night (check or bank transfer). The payment of the deposit implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

The customer is reminded, in accordance with Article L. 121-21-8 12 ° of the Code of consumption, that he does not have the right of withdrawal provided for in Article L. 121-21 of the Code of consumption.

General terms of business-guestrooms « Aux herbes hautes »

1st article / Duration of the stay

The signatory customer of the present contract concluded for a determined duration and will in no circomstance prevail of any right to be maintained in the place.

2nd article / Reservation formalities, deposit on reservation

After receipt of your reservation reques, we will send you an E-mail (or courrier) a courrier of confirmation of your reservation et invite you to pay in a 3 day delay maximum after receiving the courrier (and at all events before the day of the reservation) a deposit of at least 30% of the total stay's price.

This deposit can be realised either by online payment, transfer or cheque.

On the case of a cheque, this one will be redeemed on receipt or can be given back to you at the end of the stay, after the full price has been paid.

The cost of your deposit will be deducted from the bill at the end of your stay, if it has already been redeemed. Only after the deposit is received is your reservation asserted and definitive.

3rd article / Cancellation of the stay by the client

We inform you that depending on the date of cancelling of the reservation, all or part of the stay will be invoiced to you anyway (the date taken into account for cancellation will be the one of sending, stamp of the post as proof).

  • If the cancellation intervenes more than 30 days before the date of arrival, the deposit will be totally refunded.
  • If the cancellation intervenes between 30 and 7 days before the date of arrival, the 30% deposit will be conserved by « Aux hautes herbes »
  • If the cancelling takes place less than 7 days before the date of arrival, both the deposit and the balance from the stay, totalising 100% of the price, will be acquired by « Aux hautes herbes », the totality of the ammount onvoiced as compensation.
  • In case of premature departure during the course of the stay, the totallity of the stay will be onvoiced.

4th Article / cancelling insurance

We precise to you that no cancelling insurance is included in our tariffs.

5th Article / cancelling of the stay by the owner

If before the begin of the stay, « Aux hautes herbes » has to cancel the reservation of one customer, an information will immediatly be sent to him by registered letter with receipt confirmation (a message will also be sent by Email as long as we possess the client's Email address).

The client will then be refunded immediatly and integraly of the sums he already deposited. Furthermore, he will receive a compensation of the exact price of the penalty he would've sustained if he were the one responsible for the cancellation at the same date. « Aux herbes hautes » can also put and end to a stay, without prior information/warning and without compensation, in the events of non compliance to the rules edicted at the 12th article « Art of living and use of place ».

6th article / Arrival and departure time / Breakfast

Your room will be ready to welcome you from 5 pm to 8 pm.

You have to vacate from it the day of your departure at 11 am at the latest. We thank you to forwarn us for any arrival after 8 pm or before 5 pm.

For lack of prior agreement, any arrival or departure outside of these set hours can be subjected to 15 € of further billing for each room and each underway/begun hour.

Breakfast begins at 7h30am until 10h00am in the common kitchen.

We would be grateful for you to specify the prefered hour.

7th article / Tariffs and tourist tax 

Our tariffs and terms are non contractual and modifiable without advance notice. Our promotionnal offers do not stack with eachother.

The rooms prices are including all taxes.

As of today's date, the tariff does not include a tourist tax. In case one so called tax would be established, it will had to the cost of stay at the client's charge.

8th article / payment of the stay's balance

The total cost, or stay's balance will be paid at the beginning of the stay.

You can pay either with cheque or cash.

9th article / Capacity and access

Reservation is established for a set number of people. If the number of people presenting themselves is superior in number to the initial number set during reservation, the total cost of the stay will increase in consequences.

However, if the number of people is superior to the rooms total capacity, excess people will be declined access.

We please you to be careful with your keys, for loss will bring about further fees of 75€ TTC.

As indemnification, this ammount will be added to your bill at the moment og your departure.

The access to « Aux herbes hautes » is strictly restricted to our customers. The customer comit to not show around the place to exterior visitors if he has not been allowed to do it. In case of violation of this rule, the stay could be immediately ended. The total cost of the pay will be paid in this case, without any compensation.

10th Article/ Accessibility to services

In case of force majeure/of emergency, « Aux herbes hautes » can not guarantee the consistency of access to water, electricity or internet services, regardless of the length of the cut-off or malfunctions as well as any brutal shut down of the website provoked by a case of force majeure independant of our will. « Aux herbes hautes » declines any responsability, beyond its legal responsability, for any privation or decrease of enjoyment not originating from it. The responsability of « Aux herbes hautes », beyond its legal responsability, can not have its responsability engaged on the basis of breakdown or any decomission of technical equipments, if its nature was unpredictable.

11th Article / Animals

We inform our clients that would be subject to allergies that we have two cats and two dogs, but that they don't have access to the interior areas accessible to the clients.

12th Article / Art of living and use of place

In order to guarantee the peacefulness of the dwelling and the comfort of everyone, respect of a certain art of living is mandatory.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the house. This is why for our smoker clients, we have placed ashtray on the exterior terrace and in the garden. Do not throw your butts in the garden. The client comits to also respect the manners that will be indicated for him to follow and the present general terms of business. It is strictly forbidden too to bring your meal in your guestroom and to consume alcohol or other drinks susceptible to inadvertently damage the place. The client shall give the rooms back in a flawless state at the end of his stay and systemically declare and to assume financial responsabillity for any deterioration due to him. This would also be the case for all the equipments provided during the stay. We draw the clients' attention to the fact that minors evoluting inside the mansion and its exteriors are placed under the sole and entire responsability of their parents or the people with autority over them. As such, the use of the sauna is forbidden to minors of 16 ans. Minors of 16 years have to be taken care of by an adult.

« Aux herbes hautes » declines all responsability in case of loss, theft, and/or dammages and/or injury occasioned at the goods and/or the people present on the property, regardless of the cause. We also remind you that, for everyone's security, the exteriors of the property, as well as the main hall are under video surveillance.

13th Article / Modification of the terms of business

The present conditions are modifiable at any moment and without priori notice. The acceptance and respect of those terms are esteemed aknowledged as soon as the deposit is received.

14th Article / Information technologies and freedom law

In compliance with law n 78-17 of 01/06/1978 related to the informatics, the files and liberties, you get a right of access and rectification on the data about you. We engage ourselves not to divulge in any case the informations you communicated us with any other society or organization.