Aux herbes hautes
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Glass and light museum, hovered gently over an ancient pithead, hosts half permanent expositions representative of the collections of the Louvre itself, and temporary expositions.

Symbole of the reconversion of the mining district of Nord Pas de Calais, The Louvre Lens is the most frequented museum of the whole region !

Regularly organised temporary expositions take place within its 3 galleries, which enables visitors to admire several major pieces of Art.

Located 20km away from « Aux herbes hautes » only, the Louvre Lens welcomes each year numerous tourits looking for cultural discoveries.

Le Louvre Lens

Lille, The Capital of Flanders

City of art and history, Lille is a multi-faceted town, full of treasures to discover, (History, culture, achitecture, shopping).

Office of tourism of Lille

The Old Lille

The Old Lille is the oldest and loveliest district of the city.

It is truly appreciated for its flamboyant architecture and its historical edifices such as Rihour Palace or The Countess Hospice.

The abundance of quality shops also make it a privileged place for shopping-lovers.

Visit the Old Lille : guided tour organised by the office of tourism of Lille.

Office of tourism of Lille

Villeneuve d'Ascq : The Museum of Modern Arts

Le LaM recense plus de 6500 œuvres et trois collections d'art moderne, d'art brut et d'art contemporain.

The Museum comprise more than 6500 pieces of art and three collections of modern art, contemporary art and art brut.

It is nowaday one of the majors Museum of the metropolis that Lille is.

Situated less than 20 minutes away from our guesthouse, it is one of the unmissable of your tours around Lille.

The Museum of Modern Arts

Roubaix : The Museum of the Piscine

This Key museum of the metropolis of Lille presents collections of applied arts and fine-arts from the 19th century.

He lends his name to the art deco pool in which he has been reffited, and make an indispensable element up of your cultural tours.

The Museum of the Piscine

Croix : The Villa Cavrois

The Villa Cavrois is the emblematic work of the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Built for Paul Cavrois, textile industrial pf the Nord, the Villa Cavrois is figure of the unavoidable modernism of Lille's visits.

The Villa Cavrois

Visit the second museum of France : Le Palais des Beaux Arts (Lille)

Second museum of France by its collections, after the Louvre-Paris, of belle époque style, it displays collections of european prestigious paintings (Rubens, Van dyck, Goya...), french of the XIXe century (david, Courbet..) and sculptures (Rodin, Claudel..), not mentionning the ceramics . Its visit is essential.

Le Palais des Beaux Arts

The ways of memory

Around 150 km of tour allows you to find out more on the mark that the Great War left on our region. Monuments, museums, site of historical interests, rich and little known heritage at your fingertips, witness of the european history from 1914 to 1918.

We advise you to go off to explore the Great War history through the 4 chemins de la mémoire set in the region, some of which pass through Lille Itself.

By visiting the different stages : cemetery, memorials, necropolis, etc, you will uncover the various facets of the 14-18 war.

For the sportsman, there are lots of hiking and cyclist Trails.

The ways of memory

Museum of Lewarde

Its the largest museum of the mine in France, with 3 century of history of mining in the Nord Pas de Calais to discover.

Museum of Lewarde

Discover through bike

And if your wish it, you can discover the region through the numerous cyclotouristics tours of the Nord.